“5 Types Of Foods That Can Do More Harm Than Good”

Living in a fast paced world does have its perks. We have the latest computers, gadgets and the fastest internet connections. We can work and travel anywhere in the world without having to leave our home. We also have the technology to produce massive amounts of food readily available to us 24/7. But all this technology does have its negative effecst on how we eat our meals.

We consume so much more food that our bodies necessarily need. Foods that comes in a box, or single-serve meals you can pop in the microwave and ready to serve after one minute. Or how about the different types of snacks and fizzies that you can buy anywhere and anytime.

There are just so many options for us when it comes to buying and consuming food, if that is what you call it! The sad part is, most of these foods are the least bit healthy. They are highly processed and filled with artificial flavorings and chemicals that does more harm to our bodies than good. It lacks the natural nutrients our bodies need to function properly and stay healthy.

So what are these 5 Types of Food That Can Do More Harm Than Good? They are listed below in no particular order.

Fast Food

Yes, fast food are fast meals you can eat anytime of the day. Pre-packed, frozen and fried to your enjoyment. These fried fast foods are filled with highly processed meat mixed with chemicals that are not entirely safe to consume. They might be the fastest way to get filled up, but it is a far cry from eating a nutritious meal.

Microwaveable Meals

Who can deny the convenience of eating one-minute microwaveable meals. From lasagna to steaks, or mashed potato and beans, to even Lean Cuisines; these easily available meals can make cooking and eating a whole lot faster. The downside of eating meals purely out of frozen microwaveable trays are their high concentration of preservatives. These preservatives are meant to prolong the shelf life of any type of food but it may cause chronic diseases over time.

Soft Drinks

Drinking a glass of cold soft drink can quench your thirst but the amount of fructose or sugar laced in this sizzling drink is more than you think. One 16 ounce can of soda has 44 grams of sugar or about 11 teaspoons of sugar. Imagine eating 11 teaspoons of sugar in one sitting! It might not mean much especially if your drinking it down in your favorite fizzy drink, but you’ll definitely say hello to diabetes very soon.

Snacks In a Box

You would see these beautifully packaged boxes lining up in the snacks section in your favorite supermarket. Designed to look delicious and appealing, these snacks are labeled to entice your cravings and yet provide little nutrients that your body truly needs. These snacks can get highly addictive due to their high sugar and salt content.

Cakes And Pastries

Any sweet tooth can attest that eating a small portion of mouth watering icing filled cakes and pastries are not all that bad. In fact, some believe that it can balance out your cravings rather than depriving yourself from it. However, just like soft drinks and snacks in a box, cakes and pastries are made mostly of processed sugar that can do more harm than good to your body. And depending on the type of dessert, they are often mixed with flour, yeast, salt, eggs and artificial sweeteners.

Bottom line, these types of foods are not entirely healthy for us to consume on a daily basis. Eating foods that have a high amount of sugar and salt is literally forcing our system to filter out these junk foods at a higher than normal rate. Thus giving your body less time to process and distribute the nutrients your body truly needs. The end result often leave us with several chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and liver failure.

Don’t wait for the last minute to start changing your eating habits. Start by detoxifying your body the right way.


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