“3 Ways Lemon Fasting Can Help Give You Smoother Skin”


We often forget that the biggest organ in our body is our skin. It is the one part in our body that can tell us if our lifestyle is healthy or not.

Taking care of our skin is as important as breathing and it is the only thing that protects from the harsh environment we live in. What we do with it and the food we eat can either make or break out our skin.

Think about it.

Everytime you’re tired or stressed out, it will show visibly on your skin. You’ll get baggy eyes, acne, dark spots or worst, you’ll start getting unnaturally dry, flaky or oily skin. And over time due to unhealthy life choices, you can get skin disorders like adult acne, brown spots and those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles.

All of these are a sign that your skin lacks the nutrients it needs to help fight against bacteria or infection. It can get worst if left untreated and no amount of over-the-counter medications or creams can bring back that glow of smooth and healthy skin.

But there is a natural healthy way to bring back soft and smooth skin, and that is through Lemon Fasting. Going on a healthy Lemon Fast can help detoxify your skin and rid if  of all the toxins that have accumulated over time.

The lemons in Lemon Fasting can help prevent against most skin diseases and bring back your natural glow. And if you’re not convinced, here are 3 Ways Lemon Fasting can Help give you Smoother Skin:

Lemons Are Rich In Vitamin C

Lemons are naturally packed with Vitamin C that can help boost your immune system. Keeping your immune system healthy helps prevent common skin infections that may worsen or spread out in other parts of our body.

Lemons Have Powerful Citric Acid

The Lemons in Lemon Fasting consists of Citric Acid that helps relieve most common skin problems like acne, dry skin and dark spots. The acidity in citric acid can help naturally clear away these types of infections.

Lemons Balance Your Ph Levels

Most of all, the lemons in Lemon Fasting have the natural ability to help control our acid-alkaline levels, or better known as our Ph levels, in our body. Maintaining good Ph levels is important to keep your body  functioning properly. The more neutrally balanced our Ph levels are, the more our skin will stay glowing and healthy.

Lemons are definitely a miracle fruit not just for our skin but for our entire body also. It’s not only healthy for you but it is also an inexpensive way to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful.

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