Getting into a detox plan, particularly lemonade detox, can do wonders to your overall health. It can help flush out all the toxins that has accumulated in your systems for years.

Not convinced? Just check out a few of the health benefits when going through a lemonade detox:

  • Lemons is a good source of dietary fiber and contains very little saturated fats or cholesterol
  • Lemon’s citric acids helps aid in digestion and dissolve kidney stones
  • Lemons are excellent source for Vitamin C that helps boost our immune system against diseases
  • Lemons acts as an antioxidant and protects us from free radicals in our bodies
  • Most of all, Lemons do have a healthy amount of minerals such as iron, copper, calcium and potassium

Choosing the right lemonade detox that fits your lifestyle

There are several ways on how you can start a lemonade detox plan. you don’t necessarily have to drastically change your everyday routine just to get started.

The lemonade detox is definitely not a one-size fit all diet. Just like any fasting routine, you decide which lemonade detox is right for you.

And here in Lemon Fasting, we have great resources where you can slowly start with a 3-day lemonade detox, or go mid-advanced and take a 5-day lemonade detox, and if you’re adventurous and willing to go the extra mile. You should try our 10-day lemonade detoxto get the full benefits of lemon fasting.

So are you ready to get detoxified? Just  click on any of the lemonade detox plan for you.