“What It Really Means To Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet”

We have always been taught that a well balanced diet includes eating portions of wheat or grain, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish on a daily basis. And depending on your height and weight, an average adult should at least get 2,000 calories in order to function well.

Supermarket Processed Meals | Lemon FastingIn reality, we consume more than this daily calorie intake. Just look at all the food that is being served in restaurants and fast food chains around the world. Not to mention at your own house. Serving sizes may vary but the amount of calories piling up on a single plate is more than your body will ever need in a day.

And it doesn’t end there. We live in a world that requires us to work more hours in a week. That means less time to prepare nutritious meals for us and for the entire family. So the inevitable happens, we eat more packaged meals ready to go and as a result fill up with nutrients that our bodies don’t necessarily need.

Add that with an endless choice of artificially colored beverages laced with high fructose or processed sugar that can make anybody like a energizer bunny on steroids.

Choosing To Eat Right Takes Time And Effort

Eating a healthy balanced diet takes more effort these days compared to half a century ago.

Planning and preparing your family’s meal for the week does need to take a lot of time and effort. Unless you’re living in a household wherein one person works and the other stays at home to raise the kids, then perhaps it is easier to plan and prepare nutritious meals. But it usually isn’t the case anymore.

Preparing nutritious meals means choosing the right food groups that is truly good for you. But how can you when the simple act of buying our daily or weekly grocery means tackling endless aisles of well-designed packaged foods that was made to make you buy more than you should.

So What Does It Really Mean To Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet?

The answer to that question is simpler than you think.

Eating a healthy balanced diet simply means choosing foods that are fresh from the source and not repackaged meals. These are foods that are naturally and organically grown and filled with real nutrients that our body truly needs.
Your Guide to Paleo
Foods that are naturally bright and colorful, or foods that you can eat raw or that needs to be minimally cooked are the ones you need the most. These are the foods that you would see in the fresh produce section in your local supermarket. Or even in outdoor fruits and vegetable markets harvested by local farmers.

The only way you’d know if you’re truly eating a healthy balanced diet if you have more naturally grown food on your plate than a ready to go meal.

Living a Healthy Balanced Diet

Fortunately, there are countless ways to have a healthy balanced diet even with our busy daily schedules. Preparing a healthy meal doesn’t need to take longer than it should. You can prepare it a few days ahead and store it in the freezer, giving you with a real fresh meal ready to go.

And if you’re truly adventurous and wants to eat foods that is truly essential for you, the Paleo Diet is the one for you.

Find out more about eating right with a Paleo diet now.