“Lemon Fasting: Is It Really Safe For You”

When was the last time you fasted from eating solid foods? I bet it was for a trip to the doctor to take some blood tests.

But think about it. When was the last time you took a good well-planned fast to help cleanse your body inside and out? Twice or once a year? How about never?

Well, the good news is, you are not alone. The bad news is, your missing out on so many health benefits you can get out of a good well-planned fast.

What’s The Big Deal About Fasting

Fasting is not a new diet fad made up by some wannabe health guru. The idea of fasting has been around for centuries, used by medical practictioners to help patients heal from their wounds. Aside from using it for medical practices, religious and political groups have used fasting as a form of cleansing and even protest to make a statement.

However, fasting is easily confused as a form of starvation where young ladies subject themselves to a prolonged fast in order to keep an extremely slimmer figure. Just look at all the runway models in fashion shows and men’s magazines. There is no shortage of extreme anorexic young ladies lining up on our glossy magazine covers.

The fact is, fasting is good for our body if done in a controlled and healthy environment. Not just to get a slimmer figure but to also help your body detox and heal itself naturally.

So to answer this simple question, Lemon Fasting: Is It Really Safe For You?

Yes, Lemon Fasting is safe for you to do, assuming that you have a healthy body without any existing medical conditions like cancer, diabetes,  or hypertension. Just like getting into a new gym workout, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor first before you get into any kind of fasting regimen. This is to ensure you get your doctor’s positive bill of health before starting this kind of Lemon Fast. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

You do need to expect that you will experience various forms of withdrawal either through headaches, stomach cramps, hunger and even irritability during a Lemon Fasting. Don’t worry, this is absolutely normal as it is your body’s way to deal with the toxins flushing out of your system.

Think of Lemon Fasting as your way to detoxify from the overeating of highly processed foods. Just like a junkie getting off drugs, weaning yourself off from all the food  junk you eat everyday is really good for your health in the long run.

Bottomline, if you want to improve your overall health and live a healthier lifestyle, start with a good Lemon Fasting detox diet now.

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